Willie & The Goodsouls

Willie and the Goodsouls is the brainchild of guitarist/singer/songwriter Ville Vesalainen. In 2014, while following mother’s battle with cancer, Ville was inspired to begin writing material in tribute. Ville entered the studio and over the course of four days, performing most instruments and vocals himself, recorded Fortunate Son.

On the album Maria Hanninen and Petra Wahlsten provided harmonies and back up vocals. Petra also contributed violins on many of the tracks and eventually pushed Ville to pursue performing the material live. Soon Ville enlisted from a close circle of friends, Jukka Lehto – bass and vocals, Tuomas Riihimaki – keyboard, Jussi Vuola – drum and vocals and Mauri Kosonen – guitar and vocals to complete a six piece band. No longer a solo project Willie and the Goodsouls was born.

Industry reviews described the material for the album Fortunate Son as “warm, genuine and full of hope.” Following a successful tour Ville and the band felt they were on to something. After writing new material Ville entered the studio again but this time with a full band in tow. The second album “Free Willie” was recorded and released. The band hit the road touring Europe in the last quarter of 2016.

After the European tour in the early 2017 Mauri made the difficult decision to leave Willie and the Goodsouls to focus more on his own band, The Mystons. The band expressed gratitude for the time they shared and gave Mauri a heartfelt farewell with both sides remaining friends. Since then Willie and the Goodsouls has decided to move on as a 5 piece, which has now gotten tighter than ever.

With the release of “Free Willie” Willie and the Goodsouls has gained international attention including America. The band is currently making plans to cross the “pond” and tour America late 2017.

We are

Jussi Vuola – Drums, vocals
Jukka Lehto – Bass, vocals
Ville Vesalainen – Vocals, guitar
Tuomas Riihimäki – Keyboard
Petra Wahlsten –Vocals, violin



International management

Brian Cox
+00 1 276 340 6497

Press & Info:

Ville Vesalainen
+358 44 980 3339

Record Label:

V.R. Label Finland
Jussi Vuola
+358 50 339 1830


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